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Our network consists of nearly 400 alumni teachers, 23 school leaders, 23 founders of innovative non-profits and social entrepreneurial ventures, and countless others working in organizations that tackle issues like poverty, health access, and workforce development.  

Browse Baltimore alumni by career field and contact our team to make a connection.

  • Baltimore City and Baltimore County School Leaders
  • Baltimore City Public Schools District Leaders
  • School System Leaders
  • Non-Profit Education and Social Entrepreneurship Leaders
  • City Leaders
  • State Leaders
  • National Leaders

Bard Early College High School

  • Allegra Abramson (Baltimore '11), Director of Admissions

​Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove    

  • Simon Birenbaum (Baltimore ’05), Assistant Principal

Catonsville High School    

  • Anne Caldwell (Baltimore ’05), Assistant Principal

Callaway Elementary School

  • Miguel Cervantes del Toro (Baltimore ’09), Principal

City Neighbors High School    

  • Cheyanne Zahrt (Baltimore ’03), Principal

Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School    

  • Marc Martin (Baltimore ’98), Principal*
  • Paul Larcom (Baltimore '11), Resident Principal

Green Street Academy

  • Tim Gordon (Baltimore ’06), Assistant Principal

Hampden Elementary/Middle School

  • Katrina M. Foster (Baltimore '03), Principal

James McHenry Elementary/Middle School

  • Christophe Turk (Baltimore ’07), Principal

KIPP: Harmony Academy 

  • Natalia Walter Adamson (Baltimore ’02), Principal*
  • Danielle Anderson (Baltimore ’07), Assistant Principal
  • Teneka Coffey, Director of Student Services

KIPP: Ujima Village Academy                    

  • Alex Reese (Baltimore ’11), Assistant Principal
  • Chantress Williams (Baltimore ’09), Assistant Principal 

Lakeland Elementary/Middle School    

  • Najib Jammal (Baltimore ’03), Principal*
  • Luis Espinoza (Baltimore ’05), Assistant Principal  

Liberty Elementary School    

  • Joe Manko (Baltimore ’02), Principal*

The Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School    

  • Damia Thomas (New York City ’93), Principal

Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School    

  • Benjamin Crandall (Baltimore ’04), Principal

Patterson Park Public Charter School    

  • Chad Kramer (Baltimore ’93), Principal*
  • Emily Augustine (Baltimore ’06), Assistant Principal
  • Jane Lindenfelser (South Louisiana '05), Executive Director
  • Sarah Sandoval-Mohapatra (Baltimore '00), Board of Directors Chair
  • Patrick Irish (Baltimore '09), Board of Directors Member

Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle School

  • Josh Bailey (Baltimore ’11), Interim Principal

Woodlawn Middle School    

  • Jordan Filderman (Baltimore ’11), Assistant Principal


*Named “Transformational Principal” by Baltimore City Public Schools

Board of School Commissioners    

  • Tina Hike-Hubbard (Baltimore ’94), Board Member
  • Peter Kannam (Baltimore ’93), Board Vice

Baltimore City Public Schools District Personnel

  • John L. Davis (Baltimore '92), Chief of Schools
  • Amanda Ellison (Baltimore ’04), Director, Student and School Operations Support
  • Joshua Gabrielse (Baltimore ’03), Coordinator, STEM Science
  • Jeremy Grant-Skinner (Baltimore '01), Chief Human Capital Officer
  • Sarah Ann Heilbron (Los Angeles ’07), Academic Content Liaison
  • Courtney Hill (Las Vegas Valley '08), Education Specialist II, IEP Development and Implementation
  • Laura Jones (Baltimore ’08), Manager, Teaching and Learning
  • Brooke Korch (Baltimore ’02), Coordinator, Literacy K-12
  • Jaren Longmire (Baltimore ’09), Human Capital Strategist
  • Rae Lymer (Baltimore ’11), Educational Specialist II, Gifted Education
  • Katharine Martin (Baltimore '01), Education Specialist II, Literacy Initiatives
  • J.D. Merrill (Baltimore ’13), Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff
  • Jessica Papia (Baltimore ’07), Director, Employee Effectiveness
  • Ryan Salta (Baltimore ’04), Director, STEM
  • Dyan Sellers (Atlanta ’00), Manager, Teacher Recruitment and Partnerships
  • Anne Claire Tejtel (Baltimore ’00), Joint Governance Panel Member
  • Catherine Villnave (Baltimore ’11), Science Enrichment Specialist
  • Lindsay Vollentine (Greater New Orleans ’00), Instructional Lead Executive Director
  • John Zesiger (Baltimore ’01), District Coordinator, Secondary School Transformation & Turnaround

Beacon City Schools (NY)   

  • Matthew Landahl (Baltimore ’93), Superintendent

Danville Independent Schools (KY)   

  • Keith Look (Baltimore ’94), Superintendent

Lawrence Public Schools (MA)    

  • Jeff Riley (Baltimore ’93), Superintendent

Ledyard Public Schools (CT)    

  • Jay Hartling (Baltimore ’02), Superintendent

A Bridge Abroad    

  • Kimmi Oshita (Baltimore ’11), Co-founder


  • Jess Gartner (Baltimore ’09), CEO and Founder
  • Crystal Coache (Baltimore ’09), Director of Talent

Baltimore Dance Crews Project    

  • Cynthia Chavez (Baltimore ’08), Executive Artistic Director and Co-founder
  • Brian Gerardo (Baltimore ’08), Executive Director and Co-founder

Baltimore City Teaching Residency    

  • Garima Bhatt (Baltimore ’09), Site Director 
  • Maryrose Hembd (Baltimore ’11), Instructional Coach

Baltimore Corps    

  • Jenny Monson (Chicago ’11), Director of Partnerships

Building Our Nations’ Daughters (BOND)    

  • Ateira Griffin (Baltimore ’11), Founder

Bridges Baltimore  

  • Jonathan Lindsay (Baltimore ’92), Elementary and Middle Grades Program Director 

Brothers in Action 

  • Anthony Peña (Baltimore ’10), Founder

Business Volunteers of Maryland    

  • Sarah Abell (Baltimore ’06), Director of Strategy and Operations

CHARM: Voices of Baltimore Youth    

  • Michael Hartwell (Baltimore ’06), Co-founder
  • Mike Rennard (Baltimore ’07), Co-founder
  • Whitney Ward Birenbaum (Baltimore ’05), Co-founder


  • Lida Zlatic (Baltimore ’11), Founder


  • Cassie Motz (New York City ’93), Executive Director 

Common Curriculum    

  • Robbie Earle (Baltimore ’09), Co-founder

Dent Education 

  • Jackie Bello (Baltimore ’09), Co-founder

Digital Harbor Foundation    

  • Andrew Coy (Baltimore ’09), Co-founder

FreeState Justice

  • Mark Procopio (Baltimore '09), Executive Director

Goucher Prison Education Partnership    

  • Amy Roza (D.C. Region ’99), Director

Johns Hopkins University    

  • Dr. Yolanda Abel (Baltimore ‘92), Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning

Loyola University    

  • Dr. Camika Royal (Baltimore ’99), Assistant Professor of Urban Education
  • Dr. Margarita Zisselsberger (Los Angeles ’96), Assistant Professor of Literacy Education
  • Dr. Jennifer Zwillenberg (Baltimore ‘00), Visiting Assistant Professor of Literacy Education​

Medical Education Resources Initiative for Teens (MERIT)    

  • Shyam Gadwal (Houston ’06), Co-founder
  • Tyler Mains (Baltimore ’09), Co-founder
  • Mark Wilcox (Baltimore ’09), Co-founder
  • Jake Weinfeld (Baltimore ’12), Strategic Growth Director

One Economy

  • Alec Ross (Baltimore '94), Co-founder

Paul Robeson College Readiness Program

  • Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields (Baltimore ’94), Founder


  • Amina Ross (Metro Atlanta ’01), Founder

Talent Development Secondary     

  • Laura Weeldreyer (Greater New Orleans ’91), Chief Program Officer

Teacher Props

  • Peter DeCandia (Baltimore '13), Founder and CEO

The Fund for Educational Excellence    

  • Roger Schulman (Baltimore ’93), President and CEO

The Ingenuity Project    

  • Lisette Morris (Baltimore ’97), Executive Director

The Intersection    

  • Zeke Cohen (Baltimore ’08), Co-founder
  • Yasmene Mumby (Baltimore ’08), Co-founder
  • Matt Stern (Baltimore ’08), Co-founder
  • Antinnea Skipwith (Baltimore '13), Director of Student Leadership

Towson University    

  • Dr. Santiago Solis (Baltimore ‘96), Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Diversity

University of Maryland, Baltimore

  • Dr. Nadine Finigan-Carr (Baltimore '92), Research Assistant Professor at the Ruth Young Center in the School of Social Work and Director of the Prevention of Adolescents Risks Initiative in the School of Social Work

University of Maryland, Baltimore County    

  • Josh Michael (Baltimore ’10), Program Coordinator, Sherman Scholars Program

Urban Alliance    

  • Katie Graul (Baltimore ’12), Young Adult Program Coordinator

Urban Teachers 

  • Jennifer Green (Greater New Orleans ’91), Co-founder
  • Dionn Brown (Eastern North Carolina ’01), Director of STEM Initiatives
  • Japera Parker (Baltimore ’09), Assistant Director of Baltimore
  • Kevin Tame (Baltimore ’10), Director of Information Systems & Technology
  • Roxanne White (Houston ’91), Director, Curriculum and Professional Development    

Young Audiences of Maryland    

  • Micaela Gramelis (Baltimore ’11), Grants and Annual Gala Manager

Office of The Mayor, Baltimore City

  • Alexandra Smith (Baltimore ’09), Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Baltimore City Council    

  • Zeke Cohen (Baltimore ’08), District 1 Council Member (starting 2017)

Maryland State Board of Education    

  • Laura Weeldreyer (Greater New Orleans ’91), Board Member

Maryland Education Council    

  • Jared Billings (Jacksonville ’07), Council Member

Maryland State Senate    

  • Bill Ferguson (Baltimore ’05), 46th District Senator

State of Maryland    

  • Alan Dunklow (Baltimore ’07), Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General, MSDE
  • Thomas Kim (Los Angeles ‘91), Deputy Secretary, Operations, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Perketer Tucker (Baltimore ’92), Education Program Grant Manager, MSDE

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation    

  • Tom Stritikus (Baltimore ’93), Deputy Director of Innovation, College Ready 

​Teach For All    

  • Amy Black (Baltimore ’97), Vice President, Growth Strategy & Development

The White House

  • Jason Botel (Baltimore '98), Senior Advisor, Education