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Callandra Ehlers-Cook
Baltimore 2001
My wife and I are very concerned with the current sociopolitical climate and what it means for our four year-old daughter's future (as well as the future of all our kids, our country and our world). We want to network as much as we can with other parents who are equally committed to helping their little ones engage early with ideas of social justice. We are excited about having the difficult conversations with a community of like-minded parents.
Rachel McGrain
Baltimore 2013
I joined this learning community because I have a vision for expanding music education throughout the city and wanted to explore the idea of doing that through a nonprofit. The sessions have given me a much clearer idea of what it takes to start a nonprofit and what organizations in the city I might be able to partner with to move forward with my vision.

2017 Learning Communities



  • Adult Wellness Playground
  • Baltimore as Our Classroom
  • Baltimore City Model Teacher Portfolio
  • Current School Leaders
  • Education Policy
  • Foundations of Management
  • Improv for Teachers
  • LEADership Weekend Retreat
  • Learning from Excellent Classrooms
  • Little Books Club
  • Non-Profit Partnership and Creation
  • Raising Socially Conscious Children
  • Rising School Leaders Fellowship/Internship
  • Trauma and Teaching

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